Top 13 Bitcoin Earning Mobile Apps 2016

Getting tons of Bitcoins via Mobile apps for IOS and Android is now possible with the following apps described below! Download now and enjoy your bitcoins while playing mobile apps for free!!

Want to cash out bitcoins instantly in your Xapo account for free? Just look at how I have received my free bitcoins instantly with these mobile apps:

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Get Bitcoins Instantly Deposited in Your Xapo Wallet!

1. Bitcoin Scratcher – you can scratch 3 times and win satoshis for free bitcoins to get instantly deposited in your Xapo account! Get your bitcoins easily right now! Just click and download this app!

2. Bitcoin Wonder Machine – just play and you get instant bitcoins from this instant paying faucet in your Xapo bitcoin wallet! This is a sister app to the bitcoin scratcher app. Go home based now and get lots of bitcoins with this site.

3. Bitcoin Honey – here you can pick any face and get lucky and win up to 1000+ bitcoins! Everytime you win, the bitcoins are instantly deposited into your bitcoin wallet like xapo! Register now for free!

4. Wheel of Bitcoins – Just enter your bitcoin wallet email address and spin the wheel to win big big prizes! I have won a lot from this app and got the bitcoins deposited instantly in my Xapo wallet! Have fun! You can claim every 30 minutes to an hour everyday!

5. Bitcoin bingo – try your luck now, double your bitcoin wins and claim instantly! Bitcoin faucet apps gives away free bitcoins with the help of lady luck! Sign up and play now for fast bitcoins!

6. Bitcoin Slots – this cute app will give huge bitcoin rewards which you can multiply up to 4x!

7. Bitcoin Froggy – Bitcoin Froggy leaps and jumps avoiding obstacles along the way to eat treasure troves of bitcoins and individual bitcoins along the map. Get rewarded with bitcoins for every 5 coins bitcoin Froggy collects as he crosses the road.

8. Flap Pig – Just like flappy bird, Flap Pig flies while you click and dies when he hits the ground or some other things. Collect coins and make sure touchy Flap Pig does not touch anything but the bitcoins on the map.

9. Abundance – This app gives you bitcoins as well as abundance quotes that will help you earn free bitcoins every hour.

10. Bitcoin Aliens – Kill Aliens and win bitcoins. Simple app allowing you to earn free bitcoins fast.

11. Blockchain – Build your bitcoin blockchain! The higher you go, the greater the bitcoin rewards you can get!

12. Free Bitcoin App – This app just gives your free bitcoins every hour with a chance to win up to 1,000,000 satoshis!

13. Free Bitcoin – Get bitcoins after watching adds! Allows you to do other things and earn free satoshis and bitcoins every 30 minutes!.

Getting your satoshis and free bitcoins has never been this easy, now with these fun bitcoin apps which can take you less than 5 minutes to get thousands of bitcoins for free. The app recharges every 30 minutes to 1 hour so you can claim your free bitcoins and satoshis several times a day! Work home based and do other stuff everyday and still claim your thousands of bitcoins with the apps mentioned above! 



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