Get Paid Bitcoins Instantly!

Bitcoins can help add dollars in our pockets. Bitcoin faucets giving free bitcoins directly to your Xapo or Coinbase wallet do exist! 

Based on my experience and as you can see in the image below, I have received bitcoins instantly after playing/answering captcha in their sites and mobile apps!

Feel free to sign up now and get your free bitcoins daily for more streams of income online!


1. Fieldbitcoins – enter your Xapo EMAIL ADDRESS (the email address you signed up with in your Xapo account) to get paid instantly after answering the captcha. This is a bitcoin drip faucet, withdraw in every 5minutes.

2. Moonbitcoin – use Xapo email address to get paid instantly.

3. Bitcoinker – sign in with Xapo email address for instant payout!

4. Lootool – checkout bitcoins instantly if you sign in with your Xapo email address.

5. Bitcoin Zebra – enter Xapo email address for instant payout!

Mobile Apps


Pls sign up using the abovelinks so you get extra bitcoins! Do remeber to use your Xapo email address when signing in so you get paid instantly into your bitcoin wallet.


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