Basic Blogging Checklist 101

It is my goal to improve the content of my blogs so time and effort is not wasted while visiting my site.

It is vital to develop an action plan in each task you are to do. It allows you to save time, energy, money and effort by reducing delay time and enabling a smoother work process.   

Here I present my basic blog checklist or must haves in every single blog:

  1. Theme – what do you want to say?
  2. Title – describe your theme in 7 words or less
  3. Content – Introduction (Aim, general goals, objective goals);Body (explain why people are not wasting time listening/reading your content) (Summary (explain your theme or topic in 3 points or less)
  4. Images – relevant visual representations of what you want to tell another person. Include at least 3 images and use a feature image, one which describes your idea strongly.
  5. Links – use links for further clarification of any ambigious term or post links of your reference for data verification (monetize those links by using adfly or adsense)
  6. Keywords – use relevant keywords strongly describing the idea you are promoting
  7. Tags – add tags that match with keywords in your site so search engines can find you via the connections created by your tags

The abovementioned list describes a basic way to get your blogs found and judged useful by internet users worldwide.   

Producing usable and workable content may not be the easiest of tasks. Just remember this: if it feels good then it is right. Write content about the things you love and things you would like to know about in your past time. 

Blogging is sharing ideas to help the world. Lets not go into the ways of deceiving others and scamming people. Let us be authentic and share a progressive world. 

Share your links if you have proven ways of making dollars online and I will sign up under you! 


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