Earn Money Get Paid To Share Links with Adf.ly

  1. Get Paid To Share Links
    Earn Passive Income Online Free
    Earn Money Sharing Links With Adfly
    By Shreem Lakshmi
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shorten links and earn cash fast

What is Adf.ly

Earn money and get paid using the links you share in your blogs, websites, or social media accounts. Other than google adsense, adf.ly is a helpful tool for monetizing the content and traffic of your webiste.

You get paid when you:

  1. Copy any link you want to share
  2. Insert your link the adf.ly link shortening tool
  3. Copy your shortened adf.ly link just loke this one: http://adf.ly/1ZUP0A
  4. Share your link to your social media accounts, websites, blogs, forums, youtube accounts and etc.
  5. Online users sees your adf.ly links and clicks on it.
  6. They get redirected to a 5 second ad page wherein they are asked to click the “Skip Ad” button at the top right corner of the screen before arriving at the site you want to share.
  7. You generate income per click and then get paid!


Why choose Adf.ly?
Among all other sites that help you monetize your blog or website links, adf.ly is the best. This is because of the following features:

  1. Free to Sign-up
  2. Alexa Global Rank: 131
  3. Multiple ways to earn money with your links
  4. Simple homepage and dashboard design
  5. Free Google Analytics
  6. Low cashout – $5
  7. Pays via Paypal, Payoneer, Payza


How Much Will Adf.ly Pay You?

Payout rates vary depending on where click has originated from. Check out the payout rate here.
Sign-up with Adf.ly Now!
Start using the traffic generated from your websites, blogs, and social media accounts to help generate passive income online.Create useful website and blog contents and share your adf.ly links to your friends to start getting paid extra cash online for free!

Adf.ly Tips and Tricks

Learn how to maximize your income by generating relevant traffic and clicks for your adf.ly links.

Click here for adf.ly tips, tricks, and strategies to increase link exposure and generate fast clicks per day.

get paid cash, earn passive income online
Earn Money Shorten Links Now!

Get paid to share your links!


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