Clickworker- My New Favourite Way of Making Money Online!

online Earning

I can’t believe that I haven’t tried Clickworker earlier.

Using their UHRS module I was able to make $27.30 in around 30 minutes of work which is a crazy good $$/hour.

Clickworker/UHRS is basically Amazon Turk except it seems to me that Clickworker pays more and you can use Clickworker from anywhere in the world.

Here’s all of the work I’ve done so far. The Maps Autosuggest task is my favorite as it’s incredibly easy and it pays $.15 per task, but if this one isn’t available there is one other $.15 task called Search Engine Battle.

UHRS Crazy Earnings

What You Will Learn

In this post I’ll show you:

  • How to register for the site and make sure that you get the good jobs.
  • How to make sure you pass their qualification tests so you can get the high-paying jobs.
  • The easiest way to make money with their site.

How To Register

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