Free Blogger Templates for Blogging

On Free Templates for Blogger Blogs

Free themes and templates for your blogger blog. Blogger free blogs by Google offers customizable blogs with numerous free templates displayed blog skin creators. 

Blogger by Google offers you a more personalized blog with freedom to apply third party scripts and codes. 

The backside of Google free blog templates arises with the search engine indexing and crawling problems.

Most of the free templates are hard to open in mobile versions inhibiting mobile Google bots from finding your blog.

The best choice is always the paid version of WordPress. Most of the free blogger templates are derived from WordPress blogs anyway.

Nonetheless, here are some free blogger templates I found and would apply later to my blogger blogs.

Free Blogger Templates

free blogger themes
Blue is for Hue
free theme for blogger blog
Love Is In The Air
Blogger themes and templates
Pretty Violet
themes and templates for  blogger free
Neat and Clean
blogging for money
Young and Pure
free blogger themes
Free to Fly
templates and themes for blogger
I Love You B
blogger template
Bunny and Teddy

Free Templates and Themes for Blogs

Free blogging themes and templates are always nice finds but a word of caution from personal experience.

Most of these free themes go with search index problems and difficulty editing pre-set values. 

Its always your choice in the end. The only final determining factor is your convenience and interest as a blogger or the convenience and interest of your readers as a content blogger with focus on blog monetization.


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